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i wonder how many people who say “labels dont matter stop making up all these terms omg” have ever had to face a time where they felt completely ostracized and could not be understood because they didn’t have the right words to refer to themselves among other things

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i spent a half an hour trying to figure out how to move my phone pics to my computer and failed at this point im ready to just trash these thousand some photos who needs em you cant take selfies to the grave eh

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i think i could have high respect for Clockwork Orange’s amazing camera work but i don’t think i could ever comfortably watch it a second time.

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i just beat rd and im already playing it again @w@ i have zero life and need more games

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tfw wanting to eat leftover breadsticks but there’s really no good way to reheat them

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captain earth keeps reminding me of star driver except with less silly shenanigans i think it might just be the music but captain earth might just be the good version of star driver

and now that i said that it’s probably going to end up very disappointing hooray!! :D

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Anonymous sent:

do you even care about grammar



grammar and spelling are really important to me. I actually study grammar and spelling in typing styles. It’s not important to me as “WOW THEY SPELLED A WORD WRONG” or “WOW THEY USED THE WRONG YOUR” but rather I look for repeating themes in typing styles and can link that to a grapholect–or an internet dialect/register [typing styles unique to certain parts of the internet]

For instance a common grapholect is the doge meme speak shit.

"Much grammar, so spelling, very grapholect. wow"

thats a very specific and deliberate way of typing. There is a correct way to type in this grapholect and an incorrect way to type in this grapholect, and I think that’s fucking cool.

How about we look at language rapidly evolving–due to constant need to type and communicate via text, and stop clinging to classist/ableist/racist/sexist/etc. old white guy’s language wet dream.